6 Commercial Credits for Bad Credit

  1. Working Capital Loans

Working capital loans are fixed and regular payments (usually monthly) are short and long term business loan. As such funding is unsecured, you do not need to accept work and / or personal assets as collateral. Therefore, it is generally preferred by operators.

  1. Commercial Loan

However, this is not technically a business loan. However, many business owners use this option to resolve unexpected costs and temporary shortcomings. We can evaluate it as an emergency credit.

Other important advantages are: Access to finance is currently collected only from the borrowed amount, and the line returns, and then the amounts to be paid are immediately available to borrow in the future. This way you create a circulation.

  1. Equipment Finance

Equipment finance allows you to purchase the equipment (machines, tools, technology, etc.) you need to increase productivity, increase your competitive advantage and ultimately increase your profitability. A kind of credit that you can use as a kind of credit.

  1. Stock Financing

Inventory finance, such as equipment financing, allows you to supply finished goods if you are now or later inventory or manufacturer. Such funds are especially valuable for channel partners, dealers and dealers. It is always obliged to contract to maintain minimum inventory levels. That’s why the other side assures you.

  1. Accounts receivable

A business loan advance is not technically a loan. On the contrary, it is an advance for pending account receivables. Not only does it guarantee you to pay for only 30, 60 or 90 days in the future, but also if a customer does not pay or delay the bill, the lender takes all the risk. In this respect, it may be a slightly risky choice.

  1. Cash Advance

Similar to a business advance, an investor’s cash advance is not technically debit. Instead, the future payment card (credit and debt) is an option in sales, so this option is often used in restaurants, auto repair shops, hardware stores, and so on. Used. Generally, it is suitable for retail business. The percentage of daily sales is taken automatically and applied to the advance balance when closing each business day. In particular, this does not mean that the total borrowing cost will increase if the balance lasts longer than expected.


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