How much money do i need to buy a house?

How much money do i need to buy a house in Usa?

If you want to buy a house in United States, you should know that nowaday, in 2019, the median home value in Us is approximately between $226.000- $279,000. Home prices rised up nearly 7.2% when compared the last year. If you want a quality home in Usa you should sacrifice 300.00  dollars. Of course this amount is not necessary but if you have this amount, a great home awaits you in Usa states.

How much do you need to buy a house in United States?

And in 2020 year, according to do predictions, house prices in USA will increase nearly 5%. So if you want to buy a home, this year just time. If your credit score status is available to get a home loan, you should try your chance for the highest loan amount that you can get from your bank. Generally 230,000 and 250.000 dollars home the best ones for middle budget families.

Average rental house prices in United States

Well, if these house prices still too much for you, you have still chance for rental houses. The median rental home price is nearly $1,650.

Average State House Prices in United States

In this part of the article, we will give you three states that you can find available priced houses there. Amounts nearly between 309,000 and 349,000 dollars. So not a big amount for a good home. Now we will give you the price list for 3 states, details below:

Minimum House Prices in Washington-United States

If you want to buy a house in Washington zone, its cost will be nearly $334,000. Of course these prices may change according to house type and different factors however if you have 334,000 dollars, that means you are be able to buy a new house. You may not have this amount money, not problem. If your credit score is good on your country’s bank system, you can get a good amount loan. 398.000 dollar is the average price for a good home in Washington.

Minimum House Prices in Colorado-Us

If you want to buy a home in Colorado state, we have good news for you. If your credit score is good and have no problem with banks (and of course if you have a good job) 332,000 dollars amounted home loan awaits you for Colorado state. Of course you can find lower priced houses in Colorado but $325,000 amount is generally standard home price for beginning prices. Guess 332,000 dollars will be the beginning loan amount for you, if you want to get a new home in Colorado State, The United States of America. Average price is 423.000 dollars in Colorado.

Minimum House Prices in Oregon, Usa

Finally we will give you one of the cheapest house prices in America. If you want to purchase a home in Oregon state, you have more chance for home loan because Beginning level Oregon homes price is nearly $309,000. So if you have 300,000 dollars or can get this amounted home loan, Oregon houses await you. This zone of the cheapest state in America. All you need to do is keep your credit score on top and then doing a great agreement with your bank. Cheapest homes in Oregon await you. If you have 398.000 dollars, you can buy a quality and big home in Oregon. So Average home price is between 395-398,000 dollars in this zone.
If you want to buy a home, our advice is get a hury on. In Us states, house prices rises up very fast and nowadays if you want to be home owner, you should at least have a $280,000 dollars. This amount generally the lower point if you want to get a durable and normal home. If your budget is still under even this price, our advice is staying in rental home.

So in the interest of brevity, in Us, a durable and standard home price is nearly between $280,000 and $330,000.

How much do i need to buy a house in United States?

Do not worry about your budget. You may have a low limit however we have still good news for limited budget owners. We have prepared a list of houses according to the states and provinces. If you like a zone, our advice is getting a note about it. From less to more house price list below:

Average home prices in states of USA

  • Cheapest Average House Prices in West Virginia :Average(Median) house price in West Virginia is $163,000.
  • Cheap and Quality Average House Prices in Ohio: Average house price in Ohio is nearly 174,000 dollars.
  • Arkansas Cheap House Prices: $178,500 price is one of the most available in Us.
  • Missisippi House Prices: $180,000 is the average house price in Missisippi
  • Missouri Cheap House Prices: Average home price in Missouri is 181,000 dollars.
  • Iowa House Prices: Median home price in Iowa is nearly 182,000 dollars.
  • Oklahoma House Prices: Nearly home price in Oklahoma is $183,450
  • Indiana Home Prices: Average home price in Indiana is 184,000 dollars.
  • Kentucky Median Home Prices: Nearly $185,000 is Kentuck’s standard home price.
  • Michigan Home Prices: Median house prices in Michigan is 186,000 dollars.
  • Kansas Home Prices: Average house price in Kansas is nearly 196,750 dollars.
  • Alabama Averge House Prices: Median home price in Alabala is $204,000.
  • Nebraska Median House Price: 210,000 dollars
  • Lousiana House Price: 213,000 dollars is the average price for Lousiana houses.
  • Wisconsin House Price: $214,900 is the median price for Wisconsin houses.
  • Pennsylvania House Price: 216,400 dollars in this state for a new house.
  • New Mexico House Price: 228,000 dollars in New Mexico average home price amount.
  • South Dakota House Price: 229,000 dollars is South Dakota new home average market price.
  • North Dakota house price: Average home price here is 223,000 dollars.
  • Illinois house price: Median house price in Illinois is 237,850 dollars.
  • Tennessee house price is 245,500 dollars in average home market.
  • Maine house price: $247,000 is the median home price for Maine state.
  • South Carolina house price: $251,500 is the average price in South C.
  • Wyoming home price: $254,000 is the median home price here.
  • Georgia average house price: 261,000 dollars is median home price in GA.
  • Vermont house prices: Average home price in here is 263,000 dollars.
  • North Carolina average house price: 265,000 dollars is the average price in North D.
  • Minnesota home prices: Average house price is 274,000 dollars in here.
  • Texas home prices: 283,000 dollars is the average home price here.
  • Arizona house price: $288,000 is the median price in Arizona
  • Delaware home prices: 289,000 dollars is average here for homes.
  • Alaska house price: 289,500 dollars median home price in Alaska
  • Florida home price: 294,000 dollars is average here in Florida.
  • Idaho house price: 300,000 dollars is median price here.
  • New Hampshire house price: 301,000 dollar is average home price here.
  • Rhode Island home price: 310.000 is the average house price in Rhode Island
  • Nevada house price: 311,000 dollar is average home price in Nevada state
  • Virginia house prices: 315,000 dollars is the average home price in Virginia
  • Montana house prices: 324,000 dollars is the median price for a new home in Montana.
  • Maryland house prices: 327,000 dollars is the new home average price in Maryland
  • Connecticut house prices: 329,500 dollars is the average amount for a new house in Connecticut.
  • New Jersey house prices: One of the best zones, here the average price is 337,000 dollars
  • Utah house prices: 352,000 dollars the average price for a new home in Utah
  • Oregon house prices: 381,500 dollars is the new house average price in Oregon.
  • New York house prices: 388,000 dollars is a good average price to be a New Yorker.
  • Washington house prices: 398,000 dollars is the average amount here.
  • Colorado house prices: 423,000 dollars the average price of home in Colorado
  • Massachusetts house prices: 454,000 dollars is the average home price here.
  • California house prices: 548,000 dollars is the new house price for California.
  • Washingtoni-DC house prices: 611,000 dollars is the average new house price in DC.
  • Hawaii house prices: $619,000 is the average price for, the paradise, Hawaii homes.

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