Ways to boost credit score fast

What about your payment history?

Important tips for improving your credit rating. Unpaid bills or reminders reduce your credit rating. But even more unfavorable is a backlog in the eradication of existing loans when debt collection agencies become active or judicial executions are pending or recorded.

Speaking of loans

Do you buy by mail order / internet and make installment payments? Such small loans for consumers are usually overpriced and also represent a minus in your credit rating. Even if you just “think about” a loan and compare loan offers or make loan inquiries on the Internet, this is registered negative. Even if you do not contract.
Incidentally, your bank reports open credit offers to the credit protection association, where rejected applications are also recorded. Other financing is thus made almost impossible.

Empty accounts

First of all, we are not talking about your current checking account, about whose plus or minus the bank already knows. Here is the talk of different accounts at different banks. Those over which no more money flows, over old, forgotten and empty savings accounts, unused credit cards u. s. w. You all contribute to the assessment that you want to disguise or avoid payments and that is not well received!

You can do that. In principle, only buy or finance what you can afford.

Bundle existing single retail loans into a single larger loan. Such rescheduling reduces interest charges and improves your credit rating.

Clean up unused accounts.

If you want to compare interest rates and conditions via the Internet, make only credit-neutral or anonymous inquiries via an independent financial adviser. Such explorations are only registered at the time of signature.

How to fix credit rating quickly?

Are you creditworthy? Check your credit rating and improve your chances
Who gets credit and who does not? The credit rating decides on this and more or less good conditions, as this provides a forecast as to whether a borrower can and will fulfill future payment obligations. With credit checks by the credit protection association, banks protect themselves against payment defaults. They assess the reliability of individuals, as well as their financial ability to repay a loan.

Fixing your credit score yourself fast

Almost no one is a “blank” sheet. Lenders learn more about you than you think. Stored information about your place of residence, other and former addresses, land register entries, bank details, payment history, insolvencies, debt collection or negative information from third parties, the current credit situation and ratings up to the “warning list” may also affect you and influence your credit rating.


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